sábado, 26 de novembro de 2011


Dear Clients and Collaborators!
You have probably been thinking that maybe your children should learn Mandarin! Have you ever thought of the problems concerning the education of bilingual children and what aspects should be considered? Would you like to know where you can rapidly improve your knowledge of Irish Gaelic and which languages are currently at risk of disappearing? Just visit the site http://www.languagenews.net/ where almost everything that concerns languages is available, from language-related hyperlinks, in the most different domains, from teaching methods and history to linguistics.
And everybody can contribute. If you happen to stumble upon an article on languages available on the web that has not been published yet, just send the hyperlink and within 24 hours the article will be online.

This month, have fun surfing the linguistic diversity!

Here at ONOMA we wish you the best!


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